• SAARC Journal of Agriculture
  • SAC Annual Report 2019 (200 Copies)
  • In-house research and Publication on Thrust Areas of Agriculture in SAARC Countries
  • SAARC Charter Day observance
  • Capacity Building & Professional Development
  • Acquisition of Information materials in Agricultural and allied fields from SAARC Member Countries and other Countries/Organizations
  • ICT Mediated Communication
  • Distribution of Information Materials
  • Promotional Activities of SAC
  • SAARC Agriculture PhD Scholarship program
  • Participation in Ekushey book fair 2020 at Dhaka
  • Participation in the SAARC Seed bank / Food bank / CVO / Epinate Forum
  • SAARC Seed Bank Information system (Training programme)


Continue from 2019 programs

  • SAARC Training programme on Quality Control and Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals in Fish and Fish Products (Venue: Bhutan)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming in SAARC Agriculture Programmes (Venue: Bangladesh)
  • High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Development in SAARC Countries (Field Visit)

Crop programs of 2020

  • SAARC Regional Consultation Meeting on Developing Mechanism for Effective Sharing of Rice Varieties in South Asia (Venue: BRRI, Bangladesh)
  • SAARC Regional Consultation Meeting on Crop Diversification in SAARC Member States (Venue:ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India)
  • Regional training workshop on Earth Observation data supported Crop Area Mapping and Yield Forecast (Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal)

Horticulture programs of 2020

  • Training on Recent Advances in Commercial Floriculture in SAARC Member Countries (Venue: Pune, India)
  • Regional Training on Fall Armyworm Management in SAARC Region through Strengthening the Use of Bio-control Technology (Venue: Bangalore, India)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on Promotion of Underutilized Taro (Colocasiasculenta Schott) Production for Sustainable Biodiversity and Nutritional Security in SAARC Countries. (Venue: Pakistan)
  • Regional Expert Consultation Meeting on “Agricultural Bio-security for Plant Health in South Asia. (Venue:Sri Lanka)

Livestock programs of 2020

  • Expert Consultation Meeting on Curbing usages of Antimicrobials in Livestock to Reduce the Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance (Venue: Sri Lanka)
  • Expert Consultation Meeting on Feeding and Healthcare of Livestock during Natural Disasters (Venue: Bhutan)
  • SAARC Regional Training on “Poultry Production and Management for Safe Food Production” (Venue: Pakistan)
  • SAARC Regional Training on “Hands-on Training on Rabies Diagnosis in Animals (Karnataka, India)
  • Regional cooperation for genetic improvement of indigenous farm animals

Fishery programs of 2020

  • Regional Skill Development Training Program on “Fish Nutrition and Feeding Strategies” (Venue: Kolkata, India)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on “Promoting Innovations in Fisheries Value Chain for Improving Human Nutrition in South Asia” (Venue: Bangladesh)

NRM programs of 2020

  • Regional Experts Meeting on Role of Agroforestry in improvement of Rural Livelihood and build climate resilient communities in the region (Venue: Maldives)
  • Regional Expert Consultation Meeting on Sustainable Management of Community-based Non-wood Forest Products (NWFPs) and its role in improvement of rural livelihood (Venue: Nepal)
  • Regional Training on use of ICT in Agriculture for maintaining Soil Health and Sustaining Crop Yield in South Asia    (Venue: Varanasi, India)
  • Regional Training on Agroforestry best practices for enhancement of agroforestry programme in the region (Venue: India)
  • Regional Experts Consultation on Mainstreaming Video-led Extension Approach and Utilizing Best Approaches of Agricultural Videos in SAARC Region (Venue: Sri Lanka)

PSPD programs of 2020

  • Regional Consultation Meeting on “Developing SAARC Agriculture Vision – 2030” (Venue: Bangladesh)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on “UN Decade of Family Farming: Formulating Strategies and Action Plan to Strengthen Smallholder Farmers in South Asia” (Venue: Sri Lanka)
  • Regional consultation Meeting on the “Rural Revitalization through Promoting Agriculture and Rural Resources Based Enterprises Development in South Asia” (Venue: India)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on “Regional Cooperation for Agricultural Transformation through Private Sector Engagement in South Asia” (Venue: Nepal)
  • Regional Consultation on Sustainable and Affordable Solutions for Promoting Climate Resilient Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers in South Asia (Venue: Nepal)