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Continue from 2018 programs

  • Regional training on smart agricultural water management interventions for enhancing water productivity and resilience in South Asia
  • High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Development in SAARC Countries

Crop programs of 2019

  • Regional Consultative Meeting for “Seed without Boarder” in SAARC Member States
  • Regional Training on Resilient Livelihoods: Package of Solutions for Mountain Communities in SAARC Member States
  • Regional Training Workshop on Climate Data Analysis for Drought Monitoring in South Asia
  • SAARC Regional Consultation Meeting on Pulses Value Chain Development and Varietal Exchange for Achieving Food and Nutrition Security and Contributing towards realising SDGsin South Asia
  • Regional expert consultation on the progress and prospects of agricultural bio-safety in South Asian countries

Horticulture programs of 2019

  • SAARC Regional Training on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on Strengthening HighValue Vegetable Seed System in SAARC Countries
  • SAARC Regional Training on Pesticide Residue Analysis
  • Regional Training on Safe and Sustainable vegetable value Chain Development in South Asia”

Livestock programs of 2019

  • Small Ruminant Value Chains for Livelihood Improvement and Food Security in South Asia (expert consultation meeting)
  • Identification of Best Practices in Livestock Feed and Fodder Production and Management (expert consultation meeting)
  • Regional Training on Laboratory Bio-safety and Bio-security for Handling Trans-boundary Animal Diseases and Zoonotic Emerging Pathogens
  • SAARC Regional Training on Molecular Diagnosis and Surveillance and Laboratory Surveillance of PPR

Fishery programs of 2019

  • SAARC Regional Consultation on Development of aquaculture of some commercially important marine fin fishes (Consultation Meeting)
  • SAARC Training program on Quality Control and Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals in Fish and Fish Products (Training Program)
  • SAARC Regional Consultation on Fish Culture in Cages and Pens in Reservoirs, Lakes and Rivers (Consultation Meeting)

NRM programs of 2019

  • Proven Technology on Nutrient Management for diverse Ecology (Expert Consultation Meeting)
  • 20 Developing Country Specific Integrated Plant Nutrition Systems (IPNS) Modules for Major Crops and Cropping System (consultation meeting)

PSPD programs of 2019

  • Youth and Women in Agriculture: For economic development and Key to food security in future (Consultation meeting)
  • Fostering Investment for Sustainable Agricultural Development for SAARC Member Countries: Public-Private-Farmer Cooperation (PPFC)” (Consultation meeting)
  • Multi-Sectoral Program Development for SAARC Agriculture Centre through Expert Consultation
  • Family Farmers Cooperatives to End Hunger and Poverty through Integrated Farming In South Asia
  • Regional Exposure Visit for Partnership to Strengthen Community Based Seed Systems in South Asia
  • Regional expert consultation meeting on "Food Safety in South Asian Region: Current Status, Policy Perspective and Way Forward”
  • Regional Consultation Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming in SAARC Agriculture Programs

Video program

  • Video program on SAC activities