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SAARC Agriculture Centre

The SAC team comprising of Dr. Ashis Kumar Samanta, Senior Programme Specialist (Livestock) and Dr. Younus Ali (Senior Technical officer) visited Buffalo Farm of Bangladesh Milk Producer’s Cooperative Union Ltd. (Milk Vita),Takerhat, Madaripur, on 28th November, 2019 to witness the performance of Murrah buffalo calves born through artificial insemination of pedigreed buffalo semenunder the initiative on “High Yielding Dairy Breed Development in SAARC Countries”.

About fifteen calves were born during the period of 3rd August to 22nd November, 2019 as a result of successful artificial insemination of she-buffaloes. Out of the fifteen calves, thirteen are surviving. The birth weight of new borne calves’ ranges from 25 to 41 Kg; with an average body weight of 33.6±1.63 Kg. Out of those calves born, seven were male and eight were female; representing 46% male and 54% female. Considering the male calves only, the average birth weight was 36.28 Kg, while it was 31.25 Kg in case of female buffalo calves. All the calves born through artificial insemination sound healthy and growing well with the dietary schedule adopted by the management of farm. Few more calves are expected to be borne in coming months as informed by the Dr. Akther Hossain (Nobel), Veterinary Officer of the Buffalo Unit. Dr. Pritam Kumar Das, focal person of the buffalo breed improvement programme emphasized upon utmost care taken by the staff of the farms particularly, the calves borne through artificial insemination of pedigreed semen. In future, the management is thinking to ensure green fodder availability to the entire stock for better health and reproductive performance of the buffaloes. The team also visited few members of the Bangladesh Milk Producer’s Cooperative Union Ltd., Takerhat and interacted with them to have in depth information about their dairy unit, particularly the healthcare, nutrition, vaccination, milk disposal, fodder availability etc. The team returned to Dhaka on 29th November, 2019.