Programs 2018


  • SAARC Agrinews
  • SAARC Journal of Agriculture
  • In-house research and Publication on Thrust Areas of Agriculture ‘in SAARC Countries
  • Observance of SAARC Charter Day
  • Capacity Building & Professional Development
  • Programme Building, Monitoring & Backstopping
  • Periodic Services (Current Awareness/SDI Services)
  • Acquisition of Information materials in Agricultural and allied fields from SAARC Member Countries and other Countries/Organizations
  • ICT Mediated Communication
  • Distribution of Information Materials
  • Reproduction of Information Materials, Audio Visual & Dubbing/Sub-titling
  • Promotional Activities of SAC
  • Internship, exchange visit, exposure visit, SAARC Agriculture PhD Scholarship program (Conservation agriculture for sustainable intensification of agriculture, commercial vegetable production and rural Dev. collaboration with CIMMYT-ACIAR USD 12,000)

NEED BASE PROGRAMS (Continue from 2017)

  • High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Breed Development in SAARC Countries – Being sourced from India (continued from 2017)
  • SAARC –Donor meeting on development of regional project on priority areas identified in SAC-CGIAR consultation (continued from 2017)


  • SAARC regional consultative meeting for exchange of rice based value chain development technologies
  • SAARC Regional training on proven production technology, value chain development and nutrition security of pulses
  • SAARC Regional training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in SAARC Member States
  • SAARC Regional consultation on Development of country specific Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) standards and harmonization of SAARC GAP for vegetables and fruits
  • Write shop for developing the proposal on Innovation in value chain of fruits in SAARC (Collaboration with TFNet)
  • Regional training of trainers (ToT) on fruit processing for SAARC member countries
  • Regional Training on Animal Disease Informatics and Biostatistics
  • Regional Training on “Animal Feed and Nutrient Analysis”
  • Regional Expert Consultation meeting on animal genomics selection for the Genetic improvement and enhancing Productivity of indigenous livestock
  • Development of sustainable rural poultry value chain model for poverty reduction
  • Regional consultation on Small-scale fisheries in South Asia
  • Regional consultation on Trans-boundary fish diseases in the SAARC region: threats, their therapeutic and prophylactic measures and policy briefing
  • Regional training on Development of Mass Breeding and Culture Techniques of catfishes
  • Rohu fish germplasm exchange in SARRC countries
  • Regional Training on Integrated Nutrient Management for Improving Soil Health and Crop Productivity
  • SAARC Regional Training on Farm Mechanization for Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in SAARC Region
  • Regional Training on smart agricultural water management interventions for enhancing water productivity and resilience in South Asia
  • SAARC Outlook on NRM Policies and Strategies
  • Regional expert consultation on Information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development of rural agriculture
  • Regional expert consultation on “Gender equality and women’s Empowerment in agriculture in South Asia”
  • Regional expert consultation on climate smart agricultural policies, strategies and agricultural development programs towards climate change adaptation and mitigation (collaboration with APN)
  • Exposure visit of farmers on community engagement of seed sovereignty  in south Asia (Collaboration with AFA)
  • Regional consultation for formulation of enabling policy recommendations for popularization of innovative agricultural technologies (Collaboration with Winrock International & USAID)

Upcoming Events

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