Programs 2017


  • SAARC Agrinews
  • SAARC Journal of Agriculture
  • SAC Annual Report 2016
  • Statistical Data Book for Agricultural Research in SAARC Countries
  • In-house research and Publication on Thrust Areas of Agriculture in SAARC Countries
  • Food Grain Situation in SAARC Countries
  • Printing of Proceedings of Seminar/Workshop in the field of Agriculture and allied disciplines
  • SAARC Charter Day observance
  • Capacity Building & Professional Development
  • Programme Building, Monitoring and  Backstopping
  • Periodic Services (Current Awareness/SDI Services)
  • Acquisition of Information materials in Agricultural and allied fields from SAARC Member Countries and other Countries/Organizations
  • ICT Mediated Communication
  • Distribution of Information Materials
  • Reproduction of Information Materials, Audio Visual & Dubbing/Sub-titling
  • Promotional Activities of SAC
  • SAARC Agriculture Archive
  • Internship, exchange visit, exposure visit, SAARC Agriculture PhD Scholarship program

NEED BASE PROGRAMS (Continue from 2016 work plan)

  • Improvement of Oilseed and Adaptive Trial in  SAARC Countries
  • Review of Improvement of Pulses and Adaptive Trial in  SAARC Countries
  • Review of identification of rice varieties for abiotic stresses in  SAARC Countries (Fund from IRRI)
  • Review-High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Breed Development in SAARC Countries
  • Regional training on sericultural industry


  • Conservation Agricultural practices  in SAARC member countries
  • Scaling-up of proven Technologies for Maize Improvement through Participatory Approach in the South Asian Region (Video Conference).
  • Technology sharing of spice  crops in SAARC Countries (Regional Expert Consultation Meeting)
  • SAARC outlook Agricultural Machinery  in SAARC member countries
  • Goat farming for livelihood improvement of rural small farmers in SAARC member countries
  • Backyard poultry production systems in SAARC countries (Video Conference)
  • Field epidemiology training program for the Veterinarian (FETPV)
  • Regional consultation workshop on Farm made feed for sustainable Aquaculture development in South Asian Region
  • Best Management Practices for  the aquaculture of commercially important fin fishes in SAARC Region
  • Monograph on  Endangered fish species in South Asian Region
  • SAARC regional expert consultation meeting on water, food energy nexus: a basis for sustainable agricultural development
  • Development of SAARC regional project on community-based non-wood forest products enterprise: A sustainable business model
  • Forging SAC-CGIAR partnership for Agricultural Research and Development in South Asia
  • Best  practices of integrated plant nutrient management system (IPNS) in SAARC countries
  • Workshop on risk management for small farmers
  • Workshop on export promotion and market access for agriculture and food products in major global markets
  • Regional expert consultation meeting on facilitating use of   microbial pesticides in SAARC countries






Upcoming Events

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11th Meeting of the Governing Board of SAARC Agriculture Centre (SAC) has been scheduled to be held during 26– 27 September, 2017 in Dhaka, Banglade...
\r\n Regional Expert Consultation Meeting on Conservation Agriculture in SAARC Member Countries held during 28-30 August 2017 at College of Education, R...


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