Programs 2017


  • SAARC Agrinews
  • SAARC Journal of Agriculture
  • SAC Annual Report 2016
  • Statistical Data Book for Agricultural Research in SAARC Countries
  • In-house research and Publication on Thrust Areas of Agriculture in SAARC Countries
  • Food Grain Situation in SAARC Countries
  • Printing of Proceedings of Seminar/Workshop in the field of Agriculture and allied disciplines
  • SAARC Charter Day observance
  • Capacity Building & Professional Development
  • Programme Building, Monitoring and  Backstopping
  • Periodic Services (Current Awareness/SDI Services)
  • Acquisition of Information materials in Agricultural and allied fields from SAARC Member Countries and other Countries/Organizations
  • ICT Mediated Communication
  • Distribution of Information Materials
  • Reproduction of Information Materials, Audio Visual & Dubbing/Sub-titling
  • Promotional Activities of SAC
  • SAARC Agriculture Archive
  • Internship, exchange visit, exposure visit, SAARC Agriculture PhD Scholarship program

NEED BASE PROGRAMS (Continue from 2016 work plan)

  • Improvement of Oilseed and Adaptive Trial in  SAARC Countries
  • Review of Improvement of Pulses and Adaptive Trial in  SAARC Countries
  • Review of identification of rice varieties for abiotic stresses in  SAARC Countries (Fund from IRRI)
  • Review-High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Breed Development in SAARC Countries
  • Regional training on sericultural industry


  • Conservation Agricultural practices  in SAARC member countries
  • Scaling-up of proven Technologies for Maize Improvement through Participatory Approach in the South Asian Region (Video Conference).
  • Technology sharing of spice  crops in SAARC Countries (Regional Expert Consultation Meeting)
  • SAARC outlook Agricultural Machinery  in SAARC member countries
  • Goat farming for livelihood improvement of rural small farmers in SAARC member countries
  • Backyard poultry production systems in SAARC countries (Video Conference)
  • Field epidemiology training program for the Veterinarian (FETPV)
  • Regional consultation workshop on Farm made feed for sustainable Aquaculture development in South Asian Region
  • Best Management Practices for  the aquaculture of commercially important fin fishes in SAARC Region
  • Monograph on  Endangered fish species in South Asian Region
  • SAARC regional expert consultation meeting on water, food energy nexus: a basis for sustainable agricultural development
  • Development of SAARC regional project on community-based non-wood forest products enterprise: A sustainable business model
  • Forging SAC-CGIAR partnership for Agricultural Research and Development in South Asia
  • Best  practices of integrated plant nutrient management system (IPNS) in SAARC countries
  • Workshop on risk management for small farmers
  • Workshop on export promotion and market access for agriculture and food products in major global markets
  • Regional expert consultation meeting on facilitating use of   microbial pesticides in SAARC countries






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