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SAARC Agriculture Centre



  • SAARC Agrinews
  • SAARC Journal of Agriculture
  • SAC Annual Report 2015 (200 Coies)
  • Statistical Data Book for Agricultural Research in SAARC Countries
  • In-house research and Publication on Thrust Areas of Agriculture in SAARC Countries
  • Food Grain Situation in SAARC Countries & Data for SAARC Food Bank
  • Printing of Proceedings of the Seminar/Workshop in the Field of Agriculture and allied disciplines
  • SAARC Charter Day observance
  • Capacity Building & Professional Development of Professional/GSS
  • Programme Building, Monitoring & Backstopping
  • Periodic Services (Current Awareness / SDI Services)
  • Acquisition of Information Materials in Agriculture and Allied Fields from SAARC Member Countries and other Countries/Organizations
  • ICT Mediated Communication
  • Distribution of Information Materials
  • Reproduction of Information Materials, Audio Visual & Dubbing/Subtitling
  • Promotional Activities of SAC
  • SAARC Agriculture Outlook (Fisheries)
  • SAARC Agriculture Archive
  • Internship, exchange visit, exposure visit, graduate research


NEED BASED PROGRAMES (Continue from 2015 work Plan)

  • Improvement of Oilseed and Adaptive Trial in SAARC Countries
  • Improvement of Pulses and Adaptive Trial in SAARC Countries
  • Adaptive Study on Guar in SAARC Countries
  • Identification of rice varieties for abiotic stresses in SAARC Countries (Fund from IRRI)
  • High Yielding Dairy Buffalo Breed Development in SAARC Countries



  • Regional consultation meeting to initiate regional coordinated cotton germplasm exchange and capacity dev. program
  • Status on varietal improvement and propagation technique in SAARC- Strategy  for Future Research
  • Regionl training on Animal Reproductive Biotechnology
  • Regional Training on Herd Health Management of Dairy Buffalo: Nutrition, Reproduction, Diseases and Record Keeping
  • Climate Change Impact on Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture in SAARC Region
  • Development of policy brief on fish biodiversity management in the transboundary rivers in SAARC
  • SAARC regional coordinated research program on Agroforestry technology
  • Retrospection of rural development in SAARC: A basis for transforming rural dev.
  • Review of Agricultural Priorities and Stratigies in SAARC : Roadmap for SAARC Agriculture Centre
  • Post disaster restoration of Agriculture in Nepal a consultation meeting for strategic planning
  • SAARC Regional training on Climate change impact on soil carbon and chemical sequestration with different landuse systems
  • Training on use of SAARC Food Bank Information Systems
  • Regional training on sericulture an silk industry