Dr. Md. Baktear Hossain, Director SAC and Dr. Md. Younus Ali  visited Indonesia (Surabaya and Bali)  to check the quality of vacuum frying machines at producer  and manufacture level on 3-5 August 2022. The SAC oficilas checked the vacuum frying machine for 5 Kg, 10 Kg and 15 Kg capacity at producer level. The producer is producing chips from jackfruit, dragoan, pumpking, chili, onion, broccoli etc. at the same machine. The producers are also getting fare prices for their products.   The SAC officials also visited at manufacturer level for vacuum frying machine. During visit, CNF agent and owner of the company were also present with us. The manufacturers are making vacuum frying machines in different capacities along with spinner oil, ceiling machines etc.


  1. The quality of the machine is found good compared to Indian machine
  2. The price of the machine is found lower than Indian manufacture
  3. The products are found well and demand from consumers is also high
  4. Time will take 25 days for Sri Lanka and 30 days for Maldives from Sea port of Indonesia after LC opens (Letter of credit).
  5. Brochure and Video will provide from the company to install it at the respective country level


  1. IA Sri Lanka and IA Maldives may procure the machine from the said company subject to verification again
  2. IAs are requested to contact suppliers of the respective countries for completion of the procurement process
  3. 10 Kg machines are recommended for procurement with consideration of economic aspects.
  4. IAs are requested to expedite the procurement process

Contact details:
Mr. Vendi- owner of the company- cell number with whatsapp- +628155460-0066
Mr. Danny- CNF Agent (for good communication in English)- +62 813-5771-7273
e-mail: danny.koentadi@gmail.com