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SAARC Agriculture Centre

The SAC team comprising of Dr. Mian Sayeed Hassan (Director SAC) and Dr. Md. Younus Ali (Senior Technical Officer) visited Government Buffalo Breeding and Development Farm in Bagerhat district of Bangladesh on 21-22 November 2020 to witness the performance of Nili Ravi calves born through artificial insemination of pedigreed buffalo semen under the initiative on “High Yielding Dairy Breed Development in SAARC Counties”

About 80 Nili Ravi buffaloes were found in the farm where 48 females and 32 males respectively. The birth weight of calves ranges from 25-35 kg and average body weight of 30.0±1.5 kg. The mature body weight of the buffaloes was found 450-500 kg. Proportion of heifers is attaining puberty by 18-23 months of age. The average milk production was found 5-6 kg/day/buffalo considering the first lactation period. The mortality rate was found 2-3% but it depends on management of the farm. Meanwhile some Nili Ravi buffaloes were distributed to the rural people by the farm to disseminate the said breed through providing training.